Watch: See DJI's Jedi-like palm-based gesture controls in action with the new Spark drone

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While DJI's new Spark drone relies heavily on an iPhone for editing and sharing video, its default mode of control when powered on is via palm-based gestures. AppleInsider offers a closer look at how they work, including footage of controlling two Spark units at once.

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    ciacia Posts: 182member
    This would be neat a grand total of once.   After that, what's the point?
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    BuffyzDeadBuffyzDead Posts: 350member
    It's come to this? We're doomed.
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    dachardachar Posts: 330member
    What happens if somebody nearby also moves their palms? Is the drone somehow locked on to just its operator?
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    SpamSandwichSpamSandwich Posts: 33,407member
    cia said:
    This would be neat a grand total of once.   After that, what's the point?
    This generation of kids will take self-portraits no matter what the cost. As soon as Justin Bieber or Kim Kardashian are shown using one, they'll all be sold out.
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    sergiozsergioz Posts: 338member
    New drone looks sick, cant wait to get my hands on one. I'll take into mountains on a bike ride. Great tool for YoutTuber!
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    19831983 Posts: 1,225member
    Nice gimmick, but not all that useful unless you only fly your drones a couple of meters away from your body all the time. Which defeats the purpose of a drone to begin with. Future drone body guards might be fun though. With these things armed with some kind of weaponry and keeping an eye on your surroundings. Somebody unknown suspiciously approaches you, they get zapped!
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    monstrositymonstrosity Posts: 2,234member
    Pointless feature
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    larryjwlarryjw Posts: 943member
    Impressive tech.
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    flootistflootist Posts: 13member
    Why would I want to do this, other than for novelty's sake? Totally pointless. Someday we are going to laugh our asses off at what was considered 'cutting edge' in the early 21st century. It would be great if we could use technology for something other than building toys, not all of us are developmentally retarded.
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