President Trump's iPhone reportedly has one app installed: Twitter

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The iPhone used by U.S. President Donald Trump is said to have just one third-party app loaded onto it -- Twitter, which he uses to communicate his agenda directly to the world.

Although Trump is reportedly demanding more free time, White House staff are deliberately loading up his schedule to keep him from watching TV news, which often triggers a flurry of Twitter posts on his iPhone, anonymous White House officials told Axios on Thursday. The strategy is said to be responsible for forcing a more disciplined person, as with the current overseas tour.

It's not clear if Trump or his staff have literally deleted or blocked every app possible except for Twitter, or if that's simply the only third-party app downloaded.

Trump has become infamous for his Twitter sprees, which have often included false or controversial statements, and lambasted critical media reports as "fake news."

In March it was revealed that Trump was using a new iPhone, despite having called for a boycott of Apple during his election campaign "until such time as they give that security number" for the iPhone of dead San Bernardino shooter Syed Rizwan Farook. The FBI and the Department of Justice had asked Apple to craft a workaround for iOS security, something it refused to do. Ultimately, the FBI paid a third party to help break into Farook's device.

During the campaign Trump admitted to using both an iPhone and a Samsung phone, but then promised he would stick with the latter until Apple met the FBI's demands.


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