iPad Pro, Apple Pencil help capture a slice of Brooklyn for latest 'New Yorker' cover

in iPad edited May 2017
Artist Jorge Colombo turned to Apple's iPad to sketch the latest cover of "The New Yorker" magazine, allowing the creation of the digital drawing to be relived through a short video clip.

Colombo's drawing was taken at Brooklyn Bridge Park's Pier 2, where basketball and bocce courts are alongside a roller rink and more in the shadow of Manhattan's financial district. The artist took his iPad -- presumably a Pro model with Apple Pencil -- to the park to capture activity on the basketball courts

"I go there all the time," Colombo said of Brooklyn Bridge Park, "either to take the East River Ferry or just to relax by the water. It is a magnet -- people come from all of Brooklyn's many neighborhoods just to take a selfie by the waterfront or picnic by the water. This was a risky drawing to make, though: I kept worrying that the ball would hit me or the iPad."

The moment captured by Colombo is a common scene in the park, as evidenced by the side-by-side comparison captured by AppleInsider on Friday.

Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook highlighted the new New Yorker cover, and the iPad's role in it, in a post to Twitter on Friday.

It's not the first time the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil have been used to create high-profile art, nor is it the first time the utilities were used for a New Yorker cover. Just this year, in January, Colombo sketched a cover called "Waterways" for the magazine.


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