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    Obsoleting products is nothing new to Apple. Consumer expectations and company expectations for hardware are often very much different. I suspect Apple internal designs consumer devices for the 3 year time frame. Consumers subjectively expect much longer. I was thirlled to head High Sierra will run on any Sierra mac. Yay for my late 2009 iMac!

    Seems to me that Apple's apparent decision to not make home wifi network products is short sighted. But it is possible that these products have a lot of competition, have low profitability, and there is the risk that the market is easily saturated. Apple can't really justify them on their standalone economics.

    It is also possible they feel the same way about displays.

    I like Apple's airports, and use them exclusively. But I've not upgraded to -ac ones simply because I don't need to. 

    Totally agree, but obsoleting products is one thing (as long as there is some sort of replacement or different direction), abandoning products that your home ecosystem is built upon while giving your customers no other options is something completely different and very anti-Apple in my opinion. Kind of an eye opener and it makes me realize I relied on Apple solutions a bit too much and simply shouldn't trust what Tim Cook has to say about "enriching people's lives".

    Apple still sells their Airport Extreme and Express lines, on-line and in store.  Apple has made no announcement of any kind regarding its future.  They have not abandoned it (in any way measurable), and as such have no requirement to provide another option.

    Which universe are you living in?
    I guess I can ask you the same question :) Apple never announced they're abandoning the iPod product line either, correct? The fact that they're still selling the remaining stock of some product does not mean they're actively developing it or even having any future plans at all with it, that's the universe we all live in my friend. AirPort Express was last updated in 2012, AirPort Extreme in 2013, those are the hard facts. I'm happy for you that you're still believing Apple has "not abandoned it in any way measurable".

    All this is why Apple usually isn't the first to enter a category of devices. People with Amazon and Google voice controllers are going to also have a cluster of home control device bases connected to third-party routers, all with basic, minimal compatibility and weak, inconsistent security. Calling out to Alexa or Google will yield conflicting, simultaneous responses from multiple devices. 
    Fairly sure Google Home will very soon support a custom wake phrase, avoiding just the issue you brought up of multiple devices all answering to "OK Google". Google Home devices can all connect to Google WiFi too and on thru Google's OnHub router, all of which are continually updated for feature enhancements and security updates and offering a complete first party solution. Other companies aren't exactly sitting back on their laurels without their own integrated and secure connectivity hardware/software.
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    If they issue an update for the ancient AirPort Express to allow AirPlay 2 support so that you can have a quick easy and free way to do multi-room are they ever going to sell you a HomePod?
    High-end speakers, room filling sound, beam-forming microphone, Siri support, HomeKit integration, all-in-one design, to name a few.

    I'm a big AirPlay fan, and will be buying a HomePod. But I can't afford one for every location where I currently have AirPlay speakers in my house (nor could I fit one). More than anything, I'd like the ability to send music to a specific speaker with Siri commands. An AirPort Express update would be great, but I am not holding my breath.

    I suspect my Denon receiver with AirPlay will get the firmware update. My NOCS2 speakers probably won't (the iOS app wasn't even updated for 64-bit). I have two more AirPort Expresses in the mix, one connected to a Logitech boombox, and another to Bose desk speakers. Here's hoping, at least.
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    The HomePod has too much horsepower to simply be a speaker/home personal assistant.  To work it must be installed throughout the home with larger homes and spaces requiring more than one.  Each one needs to be powered. It depends on a steady wifi signal. It is pretty clear that the HomePod will or should be a mesh wifi router network as well.  With that said, AirPort routers and Time Capsules will most likely be updated ahead of iOS 11s release.
    Not only has their been no indication of a router update but their have been multiple stories saying Apple is completely out of the router business now going back months. So, why do you think they may be updated?
    The HomePod is a Trojan horse clearly. It runs an os it doesn’t require, mesh WiFi is increasingly and surprisingly gaining traction and each device while promised to run in concert will not divide channeled sound but will require each pod to be plugged in. 

    Theres more to that story regardless of whether the conjecture is accurate. 

    The airport express is over.
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