New 5K iMac GPU configurations at least double best performance of MacBook Pro



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    bestkeptsecretbestkeptsecret Posts: 4,264member

    I will now buy the new 15" MBP!

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    macxpressmacxpress Posts: 5,711member
    k2kw said:
    Why no Touchbar keyboard for the iMacs and MacBook.  When they released the MBP last year it was supposed to be their answer  to Windows 10's full touchscreens.
    This should have been easy to release.
    If they don't have a touch version of macOS ready they should really be pushing this. 
    I would say for battery reasons on the keyboard, and possibly security reasons on the TouchID portion of it. Maybe once this gets figured out, it would be a great addition, especially TouchID. As far as MacBook, well Apple "may" just leave the touch bar as a "Pro" feature for the time being. 

    I wouldn't hold your breath on Apple ever having a touch version of macOS. They've already stated their position on this many many many times.
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    rogifan_newrogifan_new Posts: 4,297member
    Is there a technical reason iMac's still have those large bezels?
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    gatorguygatorguy Posts: 23,938member
    Well here's a pleasant surprise from iFixit:
    'Pigs have flown. Hell hath—indeed—frozen over. It’s Christmas in June! Our teardown confirms that the new 21.5″ iMac with 4K Display has both removable RAM and a modular CPU. Of course, Apple would say neither is user-replaceable. Accessing and replacing these components isn’t exactly easy, but we’re saying it’s possible. Maybe even probable. A tinker-happy user (armed with the right tools and guide) could at least double the base 8 GB of memory, turning their new iMac with Retina Display into an iMac Semi-Pro.'

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    fathergllfathergll Posts: 11member
    Interesting, Hopefully we can see some real world benchmarks within the next week.
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    dewme said:
    The only thing I'm not wild about with these awesome machines are the Fusion drives. While the Fusion drives work well enough I'd rather see Apple leverage its consumption economy of scale and supplier influence to push solid-state-only internal storage across all of its products. For internal storage it's time to put all the spinners and their variants, like Fusion, out to pasture, or at least encase them in little pastures, lakes, and mini-clouds in the form of Thunderbolt and/or 1 gig+ Ethernet connected external storage units for those who truly have gargantuan local and on-premisis storage needs - with redundancy of course. It'll happen eventually, but I'd like to see Apple forcing the issue now in its higher volume desktop lines.
    I'd be more agreeable with that if Apple wasn't so proud of their SSDs. Their pricing is just ridiculous, double the market price. OTOH, with iMacs not exactly inviting most folks to go inside to swap drives, Apple has a market that is willing to pay those prices. 
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    It will be interesting to see what happens next week.

    Apple's new OS has a new file system as its main feature, but any recent iMac owner with a Fusion drive (which is most of them) won't get the main benefit of the new OS.
    (At least not for awhile.)

    And because Apple's locked the innards up tight, they can't easily buy an SSD and replace the Fusion drive.
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