PSA: Don't install iOS 11 beta on your main iPhone unless you hate yourself



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    melgrossmelgross Posts: 33,354member
    dysamoria said:
    We're talking about the beta of the bleeding edge release, but I'd like Apple to actually fix the bugs they introduced with iOS 7 that they've so far refused to fix in FOUR major releases! They shouldn't be marketing iOS 11 without stomping out all of iOS 7's bugs! Who knows which of the new bugs people find in ios 11 beta will be with us for the next four major releases. This has got to STOP!

    If anyone cares:

    • Safari text selection and editing in text edit fields (selection highlights are broken, selection breaks if you hit the edges of the text box while selecting, cannot scroll with selection drag, etc). They seem to have stopped fixing finger-based selection because of adding in 3D Touch and trackpad selection, which is idiotic to do because those are more advanced behaviors and have their own issues (such as the trackpad/3D Touch cursor getting stuck on the line it starts on, causing the user to exit and re-enter this mode to get it to work). Happens in text edit fields in every website. With iOS 10.x, this behavior has spread to the Mail app (preview pane).

    • Autocorrect spontaneously breaks in Safari text edit fields (most of my typos on here are a result of this). Seen in AI, Facebook, KVR, etc. Suddenly it just stops working. Especially notable on new lines on specific sites like AI and Apple's own websites. Right this moment, my iPad is refusing to autocorrect ios to iOS, but only in this text box right now.

    • Safari tab previews show out of date images (thought iOS 10 fixed it; just saw it happen again two days ago on current version). I've seen this happen to app switching/multitasking app preview images too.

    • Parts of iOS audio system stop working on speaker output (but keep working on headphone output) because of some bug in the mixer when changing outputs. For example: Siri will not make an audible ding sound or audibly ask me "What can i help you with?" when calling up Siri, but all other functions are normal. Some users can get this to correct itself by plugging in and unplugging headphones repeatedly, but this isn't working for me.

    • First touch on text to enter edit mode ignores the behaviors that place the cursor while already in edit mode (want to tap on the end of that word and start typing? Too bad because your first tap will just put the cursor right there inside the word).

    Need i continue? How about some bugs new to ios 9 that are still in ios 10? For example: i cannot NOT type a capital letter at beginnings of sentences with the Smart Keyboard (unless running into the autocorrect bugs in Safari that break autocorrect), because ios will force the letter to be capital whether i want it or not. The on-screen keyboard allows me to do what i want (especially necessary when editing a sentence or needing to record case-sensitive information into a spreadsheet).
    Yes, I've encountered some of those as well. The most annoying, on a daily basis is that, on this Apple oriented site, the first letter of a word in a new paragraph is always lower case, unless it's manually set to cap first. I long ago stopped bothering to do that, as it's so annoying. But this is the only site that I'm having this problem with. I can only assume that this sites software, and possibly that of some others (maybe using the same software?) is the cause. It's like with Informationweek, where I can't set a paragraph with my iPad, though I can with my Mac - the only site with that problem.

    and at odd times, my settings in Text Replacement don't work. It's random, it seems, but some don't work consistently, while most do. I'm going to delete the ones that don't seem to always work, and do them over to see if that helps.
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    wolfuswolfus Posts: 1member
    I installed it on my iPhone SE, and sure there are bugs and problems, like the camera only working sometimes, or notifications being difficult to open, or the flashlight slider, but I actually enjoy finding bugs and reporting them

    Well it’s too bad the feedback app is also broken
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    JoshuaSGainesJoshuaSGaines Posts: 1unconfirmed, member
    I know I most probably should not upgrade to the beta but I can almost undeniably say that I will be upgrading as soon as the public beta is released. 
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    sphericspheric Posts: 2,323member
    I'm just chiming in to say that "heresay" is a PERFECT amalgamation of "heresy" and "hearsay" for use with Apple criticism, encapsulating a whole range of positions. 

    As to this topic: why the fuck anybody except developers would install a DEVELOPER build, let alone complain about data loss or bugs, is completely beyond me. It's bad enough to have Public Betas, but this isn't even that. 
    rob bonner
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    Can report that this worked great on my new iPad pro.
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