E3 2017: Anticipated sequel 'Alto's Odyssey' arrives on Apple's iOS this summer

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The follow-up to popular iPhone game "Alto's Adventure" was showcased this week at E3, as the finishing touches are put on endless runner "Alto's Odyssey" ahead of its launch on iOS this summer.

The upcoming title from Team Alto is a collaboration between Toronto-based independent game studio Snowman, and U.K. artist Harry Nesbitt. Snowman lead producer Ely Cymet spoke with Gameslice at this week's Electronic Entertainment Expo, offering a closer look at the touch-based title, which switches from the wintery snowboard landscape of the first title to a desert sandboard setting.

Cymet told interviewer Geoff Keighley the team behind "Alto's Odyssey" aims to make the game feel like it was created in an original hand-animated film studio.

A new game mechanic coming in "Alto's Odyssey" is wall riding: As users approach a wall in the background, the player will be able to tap and hold to ride the wall, and let go to jump off. The addition will allow players to hit new heights and encounter difficult-to-reach locations.

"We want the game almost to feel like ballet as you move down the mountain," Cymet said.

The original "Alto's Adventure" remains available on the iOS App Store for $4.99. It debuted exclusively on iOS in February of 2015, before later coming to Android and Kindle Fire.
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