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    Does anyone know if good reader 4 works with iOS 11?  My current version must be a 32 bit app because it's listed as one of the apps that will not work with the upgrade.  Just wanted to know if I have to buy the versions warm and is it worth buying if it doesn't work?
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    I am having big problems with the files App in IOS11.  With IOS10 I could simply open my files multiple times when offline, and if I edited them they would update the iCloud stored file once I got back online. But with IOS 11...............
    • OFFLINE ACCESS.  When I am offline I can only open a file such as Pages or NUMBERS document once. When I close the file there is a note underneath it’s title saying, ‘download error’ and sometimes ‘upload error’ to the right there is a picture of a cloud with an exclaimation symbol in it. The file will then refuse to open again. Sometimes after half an hour or so and still offline some of these files will reopen.  I tried copying these iCloud files to ON MY IPAD. This fixed the problem of only being able to open them once when offline but, any edits made to these files do not update the original iCloud file.

    • GREYED OUT FILES. Often I open a folder in iCloud to find all of the files greyed out and unable to be opened. This happens on and off line. After a short time time I will go back to the folder to find the files sitting there normally and able to be opened.
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