Apple Clips for iPhone updated with more graphic options, Disney and Pixar characters

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Apple has updated its Clips app, adding an array of Disney characters to the video app, and new customizable text banners, overlays, and posters added for video clip presentations.

With the new addition, Disney's primary characters of Mickey and Minnie Mouse have been added, as have Daisy and Donald Duck. Characters from Pixar films "Toy Story" and "Inside Out" have been included as well.

The new Clips app lets users combine short videos on a timeline, with an upper limit of 60 minutes or over 300 individual segments. Users can then enhance their project with things like filters, symbols, and emoji, as well as "Posters," which are fullscreen text-based images used as title cards.

A Live Titles feature translates voices into text in one of 36 languages, and has its own filters, such as shapes, speech bubbles, and animated posters. Translations can be manually corrected.

The app can also auto-generate a soundtrack, stitching together introductory, middle, and ending themes.

Another feature, Smart Suggestions, uses facial recognition to make matches with people in the iOS Photos app, and hence recommend people to share videos with. Apple is supporting uploads to a number of online platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Vimeo.

Clips is a free download from the App Store. It requires iOS 10.3, and at an iPhone 5s, iPad Air, iPad mini 2, or sixth-generation iPod touch or newer.


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    SpamSandwichSpamSandwich Posts: 31,417member
    Not really for me, but I suppose the kids like it.
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    Not really for me, but I suppose the kids like it.

    Yes, it's nice to entertain my kids with this.
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    dick applebaumdick applebaum Posts: 12,524member
    Not really for me, but I suppose the kids like it.

    Yes, it's nice to entertain my kids with this.


    It may be/evolve to be more than that.

    If the 3 kids (17,18, 21) in our household are any indication...  They all have iPhones and use them a lot to make short movies -- mainly using iMovie on the device -- or sometimes FCPX on the Mac.  In addition, they all have taken movie-miaking courses in high school or junior college.

    When new Camera/ARKit apps are released in the September, I expect this will goose iPhone/iPad movie-making activity for the young'uns!  The Clips app will, likely, exploit ARKit, IMO.

    Then there's this:

    1AF X99 2017 KATZENBERG

    Co-Founder of DreamWorks Sells his vision of 'New TV' To Apple which is short 10-minute TV episodes for the Web

    From the article, emphasis, mine:

    Katzenberg's plan involves nothing less than the creation of a whole new species of entertainment targeting 18- to 34-year-olds: short-form video series produced with budgets and production values you might expect from primetime TV, along with top-shelf creatives on both sides of the camera. For example, imagine a drama akin to 'Empire' or 'Scandal' but shrunk to 10-minute episodes made for mobile consumption. Or a five-minute talk show, or a two-minute newscast — all with high-profile talent attached.

    Katzenberg may be on to something transformative!

    What he's proposing reminds me of when I was an 8-10 year old -- the special time was Saturday morning, the location was the local movie theater, the event was kids day at the movies: cartoons, serials, feature film!  Each serial episode started with a recap of the prior episode -- and ended with a cliff-hanger to bring you back for more, next Saturday.

    Katzenberg's whole new species of entertainment targeting 18- to 34-year-olds: short-form video series sounds a lot like my fondly remembered serials.  *

    Return with us now to those thrilling days of yesteryear...

    * Katzenberg's short-form video series, likely, will be professionally done and pay-to-play...

    No reason that an iOS 11 iDevice could not be used to create similar serials for friends and family -- and/or even published to social media.

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