How to: turn your iPhone into a document scanner, and when you shouldn't



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    sflagelsflagel Posts: 588member
    Dropbox has a built-in scanner.
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    dewmedewme Posts: 2,024member
    After trying several of these apps I’ve found the free MS Office Lens app to be pretty good for occasional use. It’s a bit slow but it’s not overfeatured and does a decent job. Free.
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    ScannerPro is my jam on iPhone 7. I use it to capture all sorts of documents - receipts, contracts, letters, etc. It automatically puts them in a Dropbox folder, which makes for an easy workflow between iPhone and Mac. Many people are amazed that the PDFs I send are made from the iPhone camera, because ScannerPro does such a nice job of straightening out pages and rendering text. Big thumbs up.
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    I just finished a workflow for my wife to scan sheet music into forScore on the iPad using a cheap HP 8600 (up to 600dpi)
    -Created destination folder on iCloud, and dragged alias on Mac to the Mac desktop.
    - Shared out the folder
    - Configured HP to 'scan to shared folder'

    Scanned documents then immediately show up in forScore, which can import from iCloud.

    Pretty sweet, although getting the HP to be able to see the share took some twiddling in the Mac's Print/Scan Pref pane. You have to check the box for a particular type of share for HP to be able to see it.
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