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Early HomePod firmware, ironically, exposed a bevy of secrets about Apple's "iPhone 8," including the general design of the device and features like facial recognition. Not to be outshone, Apple shared its June-quarter financial results, which were up across the board -- including a rare gain in iPad numbers.

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Everything you need to know:

  • Here's what the "iPhone 8" will look like > >
  • Apple reaped $45.4 billion in revenue during the June quarter, with healthy iPhone and iPad sales > >
  • The "iPhone 8" should have a 5.15-inch practical display area with 2436x1125 resolution > >
  • It will also have features like "tap to wake," but embedded Touch ID is uncertain > >
  • The phone's "SmartCam" software may do scene recognition for better photos > >
  • When shooting video, it may support 4K resolution at 60 frames per second -- on both the front and the back > >
  • Apple claims its sustainable forest efforts are covering all its paper packaging > >
  • The company is still figuring out a direction for augmented reality glasses > >
  • Apple may be putting out an LTE Apple Watch later this year > >
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Apple HomePod firmware reveals 'iPhone 8' bezel-less design, facial recognition

Apple posts strong $45.4 billion in revenue on growing sales of 41 million iPhones

HomePod firmware digging affirms 'iPhone 8' will have 5.15" display area with 2436x1125 resolution

HomePod firmware points to 'iPhone 8' split status bar, tap to wake, embedded Touch ID in question

'iPhone 8' SmartCam may adjust lighting, focus based on AI recognition of object being photographed

Apple 'iPhone 8' front and rear cameras to record 4K video at 60fps, firmware suggests

Apple's sustainable forests now offset paper used in product packaging

Apple's TestFlight beta testing platform now supports up to 10,000 users

Further Apple HomePod firmware spelunking shows 1GB of RAM, 272x340 screen

Apple pulls host of 'binary trading' apps on demand by Australian government

Apple tells India to extend tax breaks to suppliers if it wants iPhone manufacturing hub

Apple Pay to go live in Denmark, Finland, Sweden, UAE by year's end

Apple's 'iPhone 8' facial recognition to aid in Apple Pay payments, code suggests

Apple TV Remote app target of latest Uniloc patent lawsuit

Tech group representing Apple rebukes proposed GOP immigration bill

Video: Will Apple's 'iPhone 8' launch in September?

White House calls on Apple, other tech giants to help restructure government IT

Apple said to be targeting March quarter 2018 launch for second-gen iPhone SE

Video: See instant markup and notes with Apple Pencil in iOS 11 on iPad Pro

Apple experimenting with 'several different types' of augmented reality glasses - report

Apple to launch cellular connected Apple Watch later this year, report says


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    xzuxzu Posts: 139member
    I give Apple credit and praise, they are constructing and moving into a new massive facility. This alone is a major design task and disruption to their core business. I think once they settle into a new facility we will see the fruits (lol) of their labors. I expect in the next 5 years more innovation and domination of the markets they choose to enter. I think it is under appreciated the amount of time and energy each department has to spend in planning and coordinating such a enormous project. It will be a major part of Tim Cooks legacy and allow Apple to flourish to even greater extents in decades to come. So I am not even mad about the MacBook Pro or Mac Pro anymore. Just my rambling opinion.
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