Eighth developer betas of Apple's High Sierra, iOS 11, tvOS 11, watchOS 4 now available [u...



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    macxpress said:
    Calikid55 said:
    But when will this FINALLY be released?? During the week of the keynote?? Or after?? 
    What do you mean by emphasizing FINALLY? iOS releases are pretty routine. They're released after the September event. Never before.
    Apple does however get it released about a week before the next iPhone ships. I assume this is to try and alleviate stress on Apple's servers a little with everyone activating their phones and running any updates for them at the same time as everyone updating to iOS 11. 
    Well then there is a two week window one week before and one week after...... Time for the count down lol 
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    Betas have been running fine on my 2013 MacPro with 2 ViewSonic monitors. Installed this update and one of my monitors no longer works. Flashing blue light on power button. 3-year old monitor. Coincidence that it just happened to fail during the update??
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    gdoggdog Posts: 224member
    I feel that latest high sierra beta is fast and good enough for every day use on 2011 imac with ssd drive and lots of ram.  i have reduced motion and transparency turned on and mouse sped up with terminal commands on 27 inch imac.  the latest beta seems at least equal speed and function to current sierra (10.12.6) and last version of el capitan. i have found no issues or difficulty with update.  
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    I can select DIRECTV NOW as my TV Provider on my iPhone and on my Apple TV's with the latest public beta.
    Anybody else seeing this??

    I tried it and it seems to be 
    I also see Comcast XFINITY on the provider list, a lot of people have been waiting for this.

    About time!!

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    MacBook Pro mid-2012. Non Apple SSD with Boot Camp. Running latest beta/converted to APFS.  Zero problems. Can boot into Windows fine. Loving High Sierra which seems very robust.
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