Apple now handling Beddit customer support

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Apple this week took over customer support for sleep tracking hardware and software company Beddit, which the tech giant purchased in May as part of ongoing efforts to build out its health services team.

As part of the change in support policy, customers seeking technical help from the official Beddit website are now instructed to contact Apple via the Contact Apple Support webpage.

Prior to the update, Beddit's "contact" webpage directed users to the company's internal team, though those duties have apparently changed hands to Apple. The page currently reads, "Beddit is now part of Apple. Contact Apple for support."

The change was spotted by Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman on Monday.

Apple purchased Beddit for an undisclosed sum in May, a move thought to be motivated by Apple's increasing interest in health monitoring technology.

As it stands, Apple's consumer facing health products are largely confined to Apple Watch, which is capable of monitoring a variety of activities using onboard motion sensors. The wearable also supports standalone apps and high-level smartphone connectivity. As a do-all device, Apple Watch lacks the power efficiency to handle sleep tracking functions, a feature available on less capable, but cheaper, fitness bands.

Apple has been investigating proprietary sleep tracking technology, and recent rumors suggest such capabilities will be included in future Apple Watch hardware. The Beddit acquisition provides further evidence that Apple's health services are moving in that direction.

Like Apple's takeover of Beats, the company has allowed Beddit to continue marketing its primary sleep monitoring product. Called Beddit 3, the device is a thin sensor-laden pad that slips beneath a user's sheets to track movement, heart rate and other biometric data during sleep sessions.
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