YouTube iOS app updated, adding live streaming from iPhone or iPad screen

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YouTube has made a major revision to its iOS app, and has added the ability for game players or app demonstrators to stream the entire contents of an iPhone or iPad directly to the video service.

The latest YouTube app implements Apple's ReplayKit API to allow for streaming screen contents from any compatible app. Streamers can use the device's microphone and front-facing camera to add video and audio commentary to the stream.

Other improvements include a reduction in latency to "a couple of seconds" to allow for real-time interaction with viewers, and new chat moderation abilities including the ability to assign a moderator to take care of the chat during the stream.

Users interested in live streaming must be verified, and have no live stream restrictions in the previous 90 days. All of the new features are online now, and available to accounts that are able to stream.

The YouTube app itself requires iOS 9 or greater, and occupies 150MB of storage space.


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    Do people here actually use the app? Until I can ad block on it, no way.
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    Do people here actually use the app? Until I can ad block on it, no way.
    Until it supports Picture in Picture on iPad, no way.

    Apple should take a heavy hand not allow video playback apps to exist without this feature. This is a feature of iOS, it should not be a per-app feature.
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    Screw Youtube, use or  instead.

    Free speech matters.
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    Do people here actually use the app? Until I can ad block on it, no way.
    I use it everyday. It’s extremely useful and resourceful for learning practically anything you want. 
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    BluntBlunt Posts: 224member
    I use the app, although it's poorly designed and gets updated a lot!
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    I'm wondering if the low latency streaming is reflected when using other streaming clients as well. This is a huuuge improvement from the 45 seconds or so that has been a typical YouTube stream latency in the past. It's been gradually updated, but 2 seconds is really great.
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