Apple's new wearables advance Tuesday with Apple Watch S3, AirPods 2



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    talexy said:
    I am really considering an Apple Watch Series 3 if the battery life is vastly improved from it's 18 hour capacity to  a 5 or 7 day limit. Many companies have a 5 to 7 day limit at the low end of battery charge and 12 to 14 days at the high end. I would like to see the Apple Watch Series 3 do sleep tracking as well. If the battery life is not improved then I'll have to go with a different "smartwatch."
    Too bad. That'll be a disaster for Apple.
    There are many people on the fence about the Apple Watch. Why the smug retort. Do you mean that the battery life is not going to be improved or are you trying to insult me? If it is the latter then I guess I must have angered you for some reason. Oh Well!
    I think the insult is because you're asking for something that currently isn't possible. You may not understand all the details about why this is impossible, but a lot of others on this forum do have more knowledge on this. Unfortunately, they also don't have empathy for your current state of knowledge, so they read your statement as totally ridiculous.
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    jack4g said:
    I also missed reading your articles Daniel.  When are you next on the podcast with Victor?
    The next one! We just recorded one on the new announcements.
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