Apple asks for iOS 11 apps, issues developer GM ahead of Sept. 19 public launch

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Augmented reality apps powered by Apple's ARKit tool are now primed to flood the App Store, as the company has put a call out to developers to begin submitting their iOS 11 apps ahead of next week's public launch of the update.

Before iOS 11 becomes available, developers can also install the golden master build of the software for iPhone and iPad. It was released on Tuesday following the conclusion of Apple's iPhone X and iPhone 8 keynote.

Apps for iOS 11 -- as well as macOS High Sierra, watchOS 4 and tvOS 11 -- can be built using the Xcode 9 GM seed. Once completed, they can now be submitted to the App Store for release ahead of the iOS 11 launch.

In a note to developers, Apple said that the all-new App Store on iOS 11 provides more opportunities for them to showcase content. New features include subtitles, promotional text, additional app previews that can be localized, and up to 20 promoted in-app purchases.

Unveiled at WWDC in June, iOS 11 includes a revamped Control Center, a new and more natural voice for Siri, person-to-person Apple Pay money transfers, and support for AirPlay 2. But perhaps the biggest addition is ARKit, making it easy for developers to create advanced augmented reality apps.


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    SendMcjakSendMcjak Posts: 66unconfirmed, member
    What iOS version was just released?  I was able to download without a beta profile installed ...
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    JanNLJanNL Posts: 261member
    FYI: Just installed latest public bèta iOS 11. (with localized release notes for the first time)
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    JanNLJanNL Posts: 261member
    SendMcjak said:
    What iOS version was just released?  I was able to download without a beta profile installed ...
    15A372 with bèta profile
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    Has Apple said when Apple Pay p2p goes live? Or is that an iOS 11.1 thing?
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    I haven't installed any Beta's so far. Just installed the Beta Profile. I have IOS 11 Public Beta 9 showing up. Do I have to install this before the GM?
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    dewmedewme Posts: 2,099member
    Thank you Apple for not pushing out iOS 11 and macOS High Sierra GM on the same day! The download servers seem to be holding up well.
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    iOS 11 GM runs really great on my iPad Mini ( previous generation). It used to be a bit slow with iOS 10 but they seemed to have optimized things a lot. Totally stoked on that!
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