Watch: How to get an iPhone 8 on launch day through the iPhone Upgrade Program

in iPhone edited September 2017
Want to get your hands on an iPhone 8 or 8 Plus on launch day? AppleInsider walks through the steps iPhone Upgrade Program members need to take before preorders go live this Friday.

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    The video is informative -- but is presented with a monotone -- and way too fast fast for my 78 year old brain cells to process... A lower, slower presentation, with pregnant pauses for emphasis, will be greatly appreciated in future vids.

    The late, great TV announcer Pat Summerall illustrates my point:

    He would announce an upcoming TV show as:

    Murder, [emphasis and pregnant pause for comma] she wrote. [emphasis and pregnant pause for period]

    rather than:


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    Riiiiiiiiight, So a Millennial-webcasting pace should be slowed down for the sake of antiquity. Well, good luck with that one. ;)
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