Apple Music app for Android updated with 'OK Google' support, more

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Apple on Tuesday updated its Apple Music app for Android with a few enhancements that bring the title more in line with its native iOS counterpart, as well as platform-specific features like "OK Google" voice control.

With the latest iteration of Apple Music for Android, users can now create a profile, similar to social media services and Apple's failed Ping network. Profiles allow users to connect with friends to see what music they are listening to and which playlists they have shared. The feature rolled out for Apple users as part of today's iOS 11 update.

The app's feature set is not simply an iOS 11 port, as Apple built "OK Google" voice search assets into its latest release. Subscribers can use Android's virtual assistant technology to play artists, albums, songs and Beats 1 on Apple Music.

Also new to Android is a Recently Played widget that displays recent music on a user's home screen. Users can also play music directly from the widget, granting quick home screen access to specific songs.

Finally, Apple Music for Android gets shortcuts, Google's version of Peek and Pop gestures. By tapping and holding on the Apple Music icon, users are able to quickly access Beats 1 or conduct a new search.

Apple Music for Android emerged from beta in 2016 as one of only three official Apple-designed apps currently available on the Google Play store. The Cupertino, Calif., company has been reluctant to share iOS wares with Android customers, but made an exception for its music streaming service in a bid to goose adoption.

Apple Music version 2.2 is a free download from the Google Play store.


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