Apple highlights revamped iOS 11 App Store in new ads

in iPhone edited October 2017
Apple debuted a redesigned App Store with the launch of iOS 11 on Tuesday, bringing with it a revamped card-based user interface with bold graphics, a new set of spotlight categories, an emphasis on content curation and more.

To tout the rejiggered App Store's new features, Apple on Wednesday released a series of short commercials urging iOS device users -- and soon-to-be converts -- to check out all the service has to offer.

A first ad, aptly titled "Welcome to the #newAppStore," provides a brief overview of the app's new features. Starting with the main page, users will see App Store editor selections arranged by day. In the example offered, curated choices for "Today" include a single app -- VSCO -- an "Our Favorites" collection for going out and another group of health apps.

As seen elsewhere in the App Store, each featured item gets its own card, streamlining browsing and app discovery. App cards incorporate informational text and in-app images that previously populated dedicated pages as separate entities.

The UI change makes for a cleaner, more cohesive experience, especially when browsing through curated content. Further, users can share app cards to spread the word on undiscovered titles or hidden gems.

Apple also posted three shorter 15-second spots focusing on app collections and standout hit Monument Valley 2.

The first app grouping comes from the "Now Trending" card, which features a selection of popular titles that are gaining notoriety from users. For its ad, Apple threw a spotlight on "The Quest for [fire emoji] Kicks," a collection of five shoe buying apps designed to help users get their hands on hard to find or hot footwear.

A second ad focuses on "App Culture" collections, which appear to be editor selections relating to art and culture. The first set of curated apps, as shown off in Apple's commercial, focus on karaoke.

Finally, a fourth spot highlights Monument Valley 2, offering viewers a sampling of the game's signature artwork and gameplay.

Each new commercial is accomplished using 2D cutout-style illustrations similar to Google's "Material Design" aesthetic. The simplified visual style makes for a clean look on the new App Store, which can tend to get cluttered with individual app cards sporting rich 3D graphics.

Users can access the revamped App Store by installing iOS 11, which launched yesterday for iPhone 5s and newer, iPad mini 2 and up, the iPad Air and newer, all iPad Pros, as well as the 6th generation iPod touch. Along with a refreshed UI, Apple's latest mobile operating system boasts support for augmented reality apps through ARKit, reworked Siri virtual assistant technology, a new Music app and much more.

For more information on iOS 11, check out AppleInsider's Inside iOS 11 series.


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    Seems like quite a departure from other Apple ads. Doesn't seem very Apple to me. 
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    OferOfer Posts: 240unconfirmed, member
    Has anyone been able to find where the free app of the week shows up in the new App Store? Just before updating it still showed up in iOS 10, but in 11 there’s no sign of it
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    radarthekatradarthekat Posts: 3,842moderator
    Suddenly a prediction popped into my head.  I bet iOS 12 will skip past the iPhone 6.  IOS 11 supports the iPhone 5S and later, so you'd imagine iOS 12 would support the 6 and later, but I'll put in my prediction right here that it'll skip over the 6 and support only the 6S and later. 
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    Rayz2016Rayz2016 Posts: 6,957member
    maclvr03 said:
    Seems like quite a departure from other Apple ads. Doesn't seem very Apple to me. 
    Ah! I see you’ve discovered the “Apple forum comment cliché” app. 
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    Perhaps they changed their minds?   The videos seem to have been taken down.   (the videos in this article are no longer available)
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