Qualcomm loses two key rulings in its patent royalty fight with Apple



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    k2kw said:
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    One thing that confuses me a little bit is who manufactures the Qualcomm chips that Apple uses in its devices.  If Apple's partners are not paying Qualcomm until the lawsuits are settled, and Apple is not paying anything either to Qualcomm, then how is Apple getting the physical chips?

    Are the physical chips provided by Qualcomm?  I would think that Qualcomm would simply stop supplying the chips if that were the case until they get paid.  Can anyone provide some insight on that?

    Apple is getting their modems from Intel now, not sure others have the choice of actually paying Qualcom.
    Before Intel got back into this, Apple had to take Qualcomms crap. But, no more it seems.
    Unlike what many said.   Apple isn't passing the savings on to the paying customer now that they are using cheaper Intel Modems.
    Apple doesn’t sell to price-sensitive customers, nor do they need to. Competing on price alone is a losing game.
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