First look: Apple TV 4K with tweaked Siri remote design



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    I just got this to replace a 2 generation old Apple TV. Didn't realise the big difference in CPU and wireless specs on the 4K vs non. Even though the TV we currently have in non 4K this spec will be better for the future and it is certainly better than the 'old' version. Even just watching the trailers there was no loading lag due to the dual bandwidth. Now I am just waiting for Formula 1 and Rugby apps to come into the sports. But for our kid the Treehouse subscription and episode choice is great, as we killed off the Cable TV a few years back. The nice touch was doing the setup with the iPhone and it using all the iCloud and App Store configurations to migrate and save. Not sure what the issue was with the remote, the gloss/Matt texture feels different and there is a long button for the volume, but maybe it's early days.
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    mac_128mac_128 Posts: 3,454member
    macxpress said:
    cali said:
    Well my wishlist consists of things that would benefit everyone.

    an M-processor for detecting motion. Will be great for games and fitness apps.

    Taptic Engine for smooth feedback and gaming.

    3D touch for functions and (again)gaming.

    I was looking at the ring on my iPhone when it hit me...
    I believe that ring on the Apple TV Remote was originally placed for TouchID which may have been cancelled last minute. 

    sog35 said:
    I remember all the people who said the remote had no symmetry problems.....
    This complain in every TV discussion...
    why don’t you guys get a remote cover? They’re awesome looking, customize your remote, add protection and fix the orientation problem %100.

    There’s some with straps, magnets, bumpers for protectinon and some even glow in the dark!

    Why should I have to get a cover for my freaking tv remote? Why can't Apple just make a normal remote instead of trying to be a fancy and making it very uncomfortable and difficult to use? The aluminum backing is a HORRIBLE design choice. It makes the remote extremely slippery, which makes it hard to handle, which makes its very hard to use and I'm not alone in this discussion so I don't really care if you don't have issues with it. You can't find the buttons you need in the dark and using the remote in general is a poor experience overall.
    After all the complaints I was expecting to hate this remote. I actually love it. I've been using it for two days, and I've never had a problem with it slipping out of my hands, orienting it properly, or using it in the dark. I like the way it feels in my hands. I almost never look at it when I grab it, and quickly feel the difference if its backward. The weight is wrong for starters, it's heavier on the bottom. Then there's the touch pad -- the texture is so different I immediately known it's reversed. The buttons are also unique as well. Not only do they help orient the remote, but the Home button makes operating it in the dark a peice of cake. I never look at the remote. My eyes stay glued to the screen as I use the remote, the way it should be. And Siri makes that even easier, and more essential.
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    cali said:
    MacPro said:
    On my 4th generation remote I stuck a felt pad on the back's lower half so in the dark I always know which was it is oriented.
    Just get a protective case. 
    Seems overkill.  The self adhesive felt pad was lying around unused so was at hand, free and works like a charm. :)
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    lkrupp said:
    But, but Google 4K! But, but Atmos! But, but, 4K downloads. And no optical out and no USB for external storage, and no Safari browser and... Just file thirteen this thing, Apple. The AI tech experts have pronounced it DOA, not worth even considering.
    ...and once AGAIN, @lkrupp is the first to chime in, "responding" to a list of complaints no one has made! Why do you feel the need to address objections no one has expressed? Why do you feel the need to mock use cases that differ from your own?

    I actually wasn't going to comment on any of those things, but since you brought them up:

    1. Google 4K. With YouTube being an almost ubiquitous part of daily video consumption, why not include the codec for it? Cost? The Apple TV is already WAY more expensive than the alternatives. What's another few bucks? Especially when those few bucks reinforce the raison d'être and only significant distinguishing factor of the new device: 4K?

    2. Atmos. That's been addressed. It's coming. I don't understand why you brought it up. Apparently Apple thought it was important enough to mention that, suggesting there was validity to concerns about its absence.

    3. Optical out. This falls into an age-old area -- new equipment dropping support for widely-used interfaces on older equipment. Apple is famous (infamous?) for this. It's not necessarily good or bad, but it's hardly unreasonable for someone to mention that they prefer to go without a new Apple TV if getting one means having to replace their receiver and maybe their TV. I understand that pushing forward sometimes means cutting ties with a comfortable past, but that doesn't mean those who are affected by it have to be happy about it.

    4. External storage. Apple tells us that the solution to this is cloud storage, but what about the part of my library that doesn't exist in iTunes? Or that I already own? Should I pay for that content again so I can access it with my Apple TV? I *can* watch local content with the Apple TV, but the price of the accessory required to do that starts at $500 and goes up from there. That puts a really serious dent in the already-stretched value proposition presented by the Apple TV.

    5. Safari browser. That seems like an odd thing to want. That probably explains why I've never heard or read anyone asking for it. Where did you find that one?

    I, and presumably you, have decided that the benefits offered by the Apple TV are worth the compromises and workarounds it imposes. That doesn't mean it's perfect as-is, or that we shouldn't wish for features that would improve the experience. Nor does it mean that someone else is somehow "wrong" for deciding it's not a good fit for them.

    EDIT: You missed "terrible remote" as a reason not to buy an Apple TV! :)
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