London's ex-mayor Boris Johnson pitched Apple on sponsoring the failed Garden Bridge proje...



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    irelandireland Posts: 17,798member
    lkrupp said:
    No problem. Samsung will do it.
    Sammy Bridge.
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    chiachia Posts: 713member
    jbdragon said:
    jd_in_sb said:
    How odd. A project with no benefit for Apple yet they wanted Apple to pay for it. 
    Here's a Idea, how about asking their own rich tech company's over there,...Oh wait,......

    ARM, Sage, Shazam, Huddle etc. Imagination Technologies is a UK Tech firm that’s only just been purchased by Chinese investors.

    If it weren’t for ARM you wouldn’t have the iPhone and iPad of today.
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    vukasika said:
    This is why tarring and feathering politicians should should still be an option..... (says the guy who like in the country that elected Trump).....
    How about educating yourself and not electing certain type politicians, instead of punishing THEM for being stupid yourself? That is kind of ironic, isn't it?
    Trouble is we can only chose from a small selection who are already politicians and already "in the club", so it will never change (in the UK at least). Every now and again one or two real people make it big (Mhairi Black from the SNP for example) but they're just told to pipe down by the elite "toff" majority.
    In the US, the problem was your options were Hillary or Trump - it's like waiting to burn in the fire or jumping from the 30th floor.
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    ireland said:
    lkrupp said:
    No problem. Samsung will do it.
    Sammy Bridge.
    Google Barge makes Google the better bet.
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    As Apple had stated back then, Apple doesn't sponsor. So London wouldn't let Apple have their store and now the project is dead. Send Sadiq Khan over to Apple park and see what they could have had.
    Khan has different problems to watch than some fancy stores and dealing with Apple approach to technolgy business. You do not think about some gardens if you have to deploy SAS and SRR operators in plain clothes with "special orders" to bring life to norm.
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