Third report reaffirms iPhone X TrueDepth Face ID camera is bottleneck for Apple



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    netroxnetrox Posts: 1,159member
    Again, no one answers my question - what makes the TrueDepth sensor so difficult to manufacture? What's so special about it? 
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    SoliSoli Posts: 10,033member
    netrox said:
    Again, no one answers my question - what makes the TrueDepth sensor so difficult to manufacture? What's so special about it? 
    I'm not sure how to answer your question. Looking for an additional answer over and above the stated complexity of the also stated innovations that make TrueDepth work would be like asking what makes water wet. I know it's wet but I couldn't give you a scientific answer as to why its wet if you questioned its wetness.

    You know that it consists of sensors, cameras, and a dot projector to create an incredibly detailed 3D map of your face that will always be read to notice you, and only you, gazing at your phone, at which point it commences with its secure authentication check to make unlocking and using it for ApplePay seamlessly ast, easy, and intuitive. If that doesn't seem more complex than any other camera and sensor system previously used on CE and you can't figure out why HW yields and/or even SW may not be at a point they're happy with then I'm completely at a lose as to what other information myself or anyone else could offer for you to believe that this rumour could be possible.
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    jd_in_sb said:
    I wish people wouldn’t quote sog35. That allows his garbage through to all the people who block him. 
    Seriously. The fact that blocking doesn't block quoted content makes it pretty much useless.
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    Something we have to keep in mind, the iPhone is one of the most (if not the most) produced consumer product in the world.  Estimates are 50 million pre-orders are coming at the end of October.  Find another consumer product launch that has to meet demand of 50,000,000 units at launch.  That's about 1/2 a million units per day for 3 months.  HALF A MILLION UNITS A DAY.  Sure the components are difficult to manufacture, this is cutting edge technology, but even if manufacturing challenges of the FaceID weren't an issue, that's still a crap load of phones to pump out to meet initial demand.  Of course there's going to be delays and not everyone will get their phone on 11/3.  Be patient and don't call this a failure.  The demand for this product is setting a historical president.  Think about the amount of tech going into the iPhone and how many they need to make.  It's nuts!
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