Osmo MindRacers toy combines iPad with Hot Wheels cars

in iPad
Osmo on Thursday launched MindRacers, a toy combining a docked iPad, an app, and real-world Hot Wheels cars.

In the two-person game, players put their cars on the dock's ramps, then hit a release button to enter a race -- timing the release properly will trigger a boost. A mirror lets the iPad's camera scan each car as it passes underneath, translating recognized Hot Wheels cars into onscreen models. Only six bundled cars will get custom avatars by default, but other cars should still get generic models, and Osmo said it's planning on expanding support.

Each player gets a collection of tokens, which are tossed in front of the camera to speed up their own car or counter an opponent. Individual tokens have a unique pattern that prevents them from being reused during the same race.

Though normally competitive, the game also includes solo and cooperative modes.

A basic version of MindRacers costs $59, which includes just the track and cars. People not already in the Osmo ecosystem will need to opt for an $88 package that includes a detachable base for the iPad.


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