AppleInsider podcast reviews iPhone 8 & Apple Watch Series 3, plus iPhone X impressions

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This week on the AppleInsider podcast, Victor and Dan talk about the best things he's found using the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. Neil also comes back to talk about his experiences with the Apple Watch Series 3 with cellular.

AppleInsider editors Neil Hughes, Daniel Eran Dilger and Victor Marks discuss:
  • Dan's iPhone 8 review - and the one weird thing he's found with the new camera, iCloud Photo Library, and his iPhone 7 Plus
  • The rumor of a 6.46" sized iPhone X in 2018
  • The parts in Face ID that are the bottleneck on production yield
  • KGI saying the iPhone 8 short lines are in line with expectations (and honestly, didn't we hear that shorter lines was one of Angela Arhendts' goals early on?)
  • The iPhone 8 crackling-call-audio issue
  • The best things about having LTE on the Apple Watch Series 3 (and it isn't the red dot that Neil loves so well)
  • Plus the music streaming features Neil is trying out in watchOS 4.1 beta
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