Patent holding firm picks up Sony & Nokia IP, files suit against Apple



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    mattinoz said:
    "Thus, such a fear that persons in the surroundings may be troubled by the continuous ringing of the alert sound can be remarkably reduced. Further, since the situation that a power supply is cut off forcibly during all origination can be avoided, the fear that a person on the call origination side may be given an unpleasant feeling can be eliminated."

    It's literately a patent on avoid hurt feelings. Where were the political correctness gone mad people when this was issued?
    Because we should be callous and insensate at all times. Give me a break. Public nuisances are a legit issue. Car alarms, "loud pipes", booming car audio, backup beepers, ringing phones, etc are all negatively impacting the public health. Just because you're blocking it out doesn't mean it isn't affecting you and doesn't mean it is equally easy for others to block out. 
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    dysamoria said:
    They're called "patent trolls". Stop using the euphemisms they want you to use.
    It's not quite that simple. A patent is property (IP) and those property rights are protected in the US. A company that acquires patents may be a non-practicing entity, but that doesn't mean they should not attempt to gain the maximum value of those patents. Let the courts sort it out.
    The patent system is broken. The computer industry broke it. The agency initially refused to grant patents for software until computer industry lobbyists got the issue forced. Then it was a downward plunge in quality of patents issued and an upsurge in wasted resources on enforcement of bad patents and "non-practicing entities" that discovered the most ideal form ever of profit from zero effort : own ideas and threaten anyone else who stumbles upon those ideas.

     The courts aren't sorting anything. Pathological capitalism is destroying any regulation, and tech people seem to have a high correlation with libertarians, opposing any and all regulation, because they think the market regulates itself (as if). 

    Want to destroy an economy? Kill regulation and let the powerful few control the doorway to success in any form.
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