How ditching the home button on iPhone X could pave the way for a dynamic, foldable future...



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    mattinozmattinoz Posts: 2,279member
    Anyone selling bending displays is going to expect people to buy a new one every year.
    The way Apple’s headed, this seems to be their goal anyway.

    Apples apparent goal isn't going very well as their phones are so well made alot of people are holding on to them for 3+ years. As evidenced by active devices and accounts growth increasing while sales flattened.

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    mattinoz said:
    Macs, mostly, I meant. I used my pre-iPhone phone for 7 years, and I intend to use my iPhone 6 for 7 or so years before I get a new one. I used my first-gen iPad until the iPad Pro was released. I used an LC 575 until the G3 iMac until the Core 2, and now I’m using a 2009 Mac Pro that honestly I don’t see myself ever (being able to) upgrad(ing). Apple used to be known for its products’ longevity. Now it’s “Want more x? Buy a new one.” The effect of blackboxing your products is “disposability”, regardless of the feasibility thereof with some of these prices.
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