Rumor: Apple considering iPhone with stylus for launch in 2019



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    Am I the only one calling BS on this story?
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    mac_128mac_128 Posts: 3,453member
    bb-15 said:
    As for using the Pencil on an iPhone. 
    Apple needs to solve the problem of using the Pencil on a smaller tablet form factor. Phone screens are getting close to 7 inches which is the size of small Android tablets.
    It makes sense that a close to 7 inch screen iPhone could use a slightly shorter Pencil. How that is done could be solved by making a case with a holder.  
    I personally wouldn't want the phone designed around a Pencil, but I'd like all apple products to compatible with one, including the iPhone. It's the same concept as bringing ForceTouch to the iPad.  Once a customer is used to interfacing with an Apple product in a unique way, they're going to want to bring that experience to other similar products.

    There are definitely times, even on my SE where I would find using a stylus useful, though I understand that wouldn't be true for the majority of customers. If they really are going to discontinue the iPad mini (and even if they don't), then they absolutely need to bring it to the iPhone Plus, if not the 4.7". 
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    Apple could probably buy Wacom and redesign their entire line. Artists, designers, musicians tend to use Apple products and buying up the biggest accessories makers supporting those markets could help keep these people in the Apple fold.
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    radarthekatradarthekat Posts: 3,150moderator
    For the larger-sized iPhones I could see the same pencil support added to allow a continuity experience for those using pencil-supported apps (drawing, engineering, etc) on iPad Pro.  This would extend the market for such apps, perhaps with limited functionality versions for iPhone.  But it’s hard for me to see Apple wanting to add support in any generalized manner, ala Galaxy Note.
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     :D Bullshit 
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    I don’t believe Apple will buy a stylus company for the simple fact that they don’t need to, just look at the Apple Pencil.  As for making a smaller pencil for the larger phones I can definitely see that happening.

    For those saying Steve wouldn’t want it, that’s a false argument. What Steve didn’t like were the resistive screen stylus, where the only requirement to work was adding pressure to the screen. Modern smartphones uses capacitive screens which alters the electrical properties of the charged screen in that spot, registering touch. For examples of how Apple could utilize Apple Pencil for smartphones look at the Note 8. 

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