Video: Should you buy the standard Apple Watch Series 3, or the Nike + model?

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Apple offers the new Series 3 update of the Apple Watch in a number of different styles, including a Nike+ version for fitness-focused users. Which version is right for you? AppleInsider helps you decide.

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    GeorgeBMacGeorgeBMac Posts: 11,421member
    So, the only difference between a Nike and a standard AW3 LTE once the Nike App has been downloaded is the custom watch face and enclosed band?   Cosmetic stuff?

    That said -- my AW exercise app effectively locked up on me twice this afternoon.  Actually, what happened was I paused the watch but, when I went to "resume" it, instead of seeing resume I saw "pause".  But, since the exercise app was already paused that was meaningless and there was no way to resume the run.   I had to end the workout and start a new one.
    ...  There might be a legitimate explanation, but right now it sounds like a bug.  An irritating one.
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    Have the Nike+ model, and it made sense to me just for the sport loop -- it's definitely better than buying a GPS-only model and picking up a loop after the fact.  And yeah, the 16GB of storage and ceramic back make it a good compromise between the regular aluminum and steel models.
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