First shipment of Apple's iPhone X limited to just 46,500 units



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    jkichline said:
    Same old spiel. Apple announces awesome product. People demand product. Journalists claim Apple is missing the mark with production. Launch day reveals massive success. Shipping times escalate to months. Naysayer claims Apple is doomed. Word gets out about how awesome the product is. Real people don't care how long it takes to receive a revolutionary product. Apple makes billions. Rinse and repeat.
    I really hope you're right. Looking forward to getting one. However, this is not rinse and repeat. Apple had never released any iPhone model over a month after the rest. The only exception was the white iPhone 4 which was delayed months due to production issues. 
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    First 46,500 of any new design from Apple = risky business.

    Still, there are reports that there will be 3.5 orders for every available iPhone X ...this year, at least.
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