How to preorder iPhone X with Apple's battle-tested Apple Store app



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    bobcat62 said:
    catcrazy said:
    Does it auto refresh once preorder starts or do you have to refresh the page?  Is it best to use Apple Pay as the method of payment? Sorry for all the questions never done this before.

    I want to do everything just right I have the iPhone X in my wish list.  I checked to make sure all my information is correct. I chose the options what iPhone color I want size and carrier.  Am I missing anything ? Please answer me. I thank you in advance.  Can’t wait to get the X in my hot little hand.  Oh also I have the store app on my phone and signed into my computer for backup.
    whether you want Applecare ($200 - ouch)
    Since the Face ID camera module hasn't been battle-tested in the field, the real "ouch" may be if you don't take AppleCare this time.
    Agreed. I was amongst the first adopters of the 6 PLUS, and got hit with the touch issue which rendered the phone unsuable. Ended up swapping it out 3 times at the Apple store under the Applecare Plus extended warranty I purchased. I don't trust their new products at all now. 
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    macmarcus said:
    bobcat62 said:
    llama said:
    Will the SIM free version be available for preorder or do I have to select a carrier?  I am AT&T, but I kind of want the CDMA+GSM variant for resale value down the road.

    Outstanding question.  If you go through setting up an iPhone X order using the iOS Apple Store App & you select the Verizon model & are willing to pay full price, you will see a screen that says the phone is unlocked.

    Supposedly, if a phone can access Verizon's portion of the 700 MHz radio band, it must be unlocked by law.

    Question:  Can I pre-configure the Apple Store I want to pickup the phone from before the ordering rush?
    Outstandingly WRONG answer. You can NOT buy a Verizon (and Sprint) iPhone X (or 8) WITHOUT having an account with that carrier! The Apple Store will require you to enter your phone number and other info to verify an account with Verizon (and Sprint) to proceed with the order. To buy the all carrier compatible phone if you have an AT&T or T-Mobile account you have to wait until Apple offers the unlocked all carrier version. So you will waste your precious time trying to figure out why you can't hit "BUY".
    You may be right.  When I setup my favorite today, the iOS Apple Store App did allow me to setup for buying a Verizon iPhone X.  The key is whether you're paying full price or not.  Monthly financing?  I bet you'll have to verify.

    Anyone reading this reply should be able to verify what I'm saying by setting up a favorite configuration in the iOS store app.
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