Keep your iPhone X safe with one of these protective cases



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    felix01felix01 Posts: 286member
    Don’t forget to take a look at Greenwich Designs if interested in the best looking leather as well as the best fitting cases made. They put Apple’s leather cases to shame (and Apple’s $99 Folio is quite good).
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    JFC_PAJFC_PA Posts: 862member
    kesem said:
    I am going to miss Apple's smart battery case.  I use it with my iPhone 7 and love it for so many reasons.  The primary one is double the battery life.  Why isn't it available for iPhone X?
    The X charges through the back. A battery there in a case would block the charge function I expect unless it also was fitted for wireless charging. That may happen in the future, early days yet. Apple isn’t even offering their own charging pad until 2018

    ETA: Mophie does the Juice Pack Air for Qi wireless charging for the iPhone 7 so cases exist w wireless: so maybe in the future. 
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    My god we’re ten years into this, when are y’all going to learn to stop dropping your shit

    that Pad and Quill kit is straight up ersatz
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    sockrolidsockrolid Posts: 2,789member
    Never did get a case for my Jet Black 7 Plus, and it's in really good condition.
    But the moment I heard that the iPhone X will have a glass back, I figured a case would be a must-have.
    The basic black Apple silicone case will be just fine (and it will arrive 2+ weeks before my iPhone X, so I'll be ready).

    One thing about the Apple leather cases: I had one for my old 6S Plus, and after about 9 months it got really sticky.
    Felt like the adhesive started to ooze out through the leather.  Didn't get sticky on the inner microfiber though.
    That's why I'm going with the silicone case this time.  (Until the BMW ///M carbon fiber case is available.)
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    If I get a case for my xphone it needs to have a very prominent Apple logo. I didn't pay a thousand dollars to look like every other phone.
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    Tech21 is The Way. It's built with math.
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    bluefire1bluefire1 Posts: 1,243member
    jd_in_sb said:
    Can anyone suggest an iPhone X case with a kickstand?
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    GeorgeBMacGeorgeBMac Posts: 11,421member
    I've always wondered how much the Apple leather cases actually protect the phone from drops.  I get it that it would protect it from scratches, but if you're being that rough with your phone the case and/or the screen would get scratched up anyway.

    But mostly, I've wondered about the ability of the leather cases to protect the phone from being dropped.
    If it doesn't protect against drops, then why get one?
    ...  Granted, they're beautiful.  But so is a naked iPhone.
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    felix01felix01 Posts: 286member
    If it doesn't protect against drops, then why get one?
    Makes it much easier to hang on to the phone.
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    GeorgeBMacGeorgeBMac Posts: 11,421member
    felix01 said:
    If it doesn't protect against drops, then why get one?
    Makes it much easier to hang on to the phone.
    Yeh, an iPhone does tend to be slippery.   When I run I take the Tech21 case off to make my phone thinner and lighter -- but it is slippery and I do worry.

    It makes me wonder if Apple would benefit from the design philosophy made famous by Porsche:  "Form Follows Function" -- especially in this case where the beautiful form is almost always covered up with a protective case.  
    ...  But, I also have no doubt that Apple has already thought that one through...
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    The real story here is which cases don't have a bottom lip. With swiping to open, a lip on the bottom could ruin the feeling.
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    I am really clumsy and I will go for a case. As much as I like Apple's leather cases, I generally go for a transparent silicone case so that I can still see my iPhone.

    The iPhone X really looks amazing and if I can score a Silver one, I'd want it to be seen in all it's glory.

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    Those are semi protective or impractical. If you carry phone with home keys and car keys in pocket many of them will not work... and I do not care about keeping phone in some "special" places - that is not life support or mojo, but simply a tool.

    Long side flip cases are very impracical and cover some controls. They also are clumsy when picking up call. From experience the best once and really protective are flip cases along short edge of phone with proper cutouts for controls. You simply drop flap to pickup phone and that is with one hand while with long side flip you will likely engage two hands and work like with wallet.

    Open face and back protection is just outdated semi-protection that seems to be all the time in fashion. I do not care about protecting back from scratches, but I do care about not braking that fraglie screen glass that used to be much stronger in first generation of iPod Touch (you could drop it on floor with no big consequences to this accident).
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    YoSamCapsFanYoSamCapsFan Posts: 9unconfirmed, member
    All I want on my iPhone X is a bumper, at most. Any recommendations?
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    The real story here is which cases don't have a bottom lip. With swiping to open, a lip on the bottom could ruin the feeling.
    Funny how almost no one is paying attention to this. Not even any articles on it. Saw someone make this comment on another site and it received almost no re-quotes. People are so obsessed with their particular brand or style of case that they won’t stop for two seconds and think about useabity.  Oh well, I noticed it right away and got my Apple leather case. Everyone else will have to learn the hard way. 
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    As I commented earlier, the Apple leather case is nice but affords zero drop protection based on the one I just received.
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    Make sure to consider the fact that the screen goes all the way to the bottom and the new gesture for getting to the home screen is swiping up from the bottom. Any case with a bottom lip may impead this expierence. I went with the Apple leather case for now just for this reason. Hopefully other manufacturers catch on, but it doesn’t look like they have out of the gate. 

    good call on that one, I kind of scrambled to order a case when my phone shipped early, ending up the Lifeproof Slam, but it does seem to have kind of big lip on compared to the Speck which seems more minimal. I might return it and get a leather case instead if it impedes the home gesture. I did like the virtual home button idea under the accessibility features.
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    i have the apple leather case, in dark purple. i go nude quite a bit (the phone, not me!)  but when at the gym i need something to protect it against drops from as the nude phone will readily slip out of a pocket when laying on a bench or resting on a piece of equipment.
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    boltsfan17boltsfan17 Posts: 2,294member
    I bought the Apple leather case for my phone. I really would like a clear case, but having bought them in the past, they always turn yellow after a few months of use. 
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    I previously posted this one in an earlier comment as it has a kickstand. But after receiving my X I discovered the case is junk. Stay away from this one. You can read my review on Amazon.

    For a replacement I ordered this one.  Will see if better once it arrives.
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