Apple says wearables up 75 percent year-over-year in Q4, Watch up 50 percent vs. Q3



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    mac_128 said:
    mmatz said:
    Having had a Series 0 AW from the start (well, after it finally shipped!), I treated myself to a Series 3 AW, but without LTE. I am quite happy with the improved performance.  Maybe at some point in the future I’ll go for LTE, but at present that feature doesn’t add sufficient value for me.
    Not surprised that Apple is crushing this product category.  Even with its minor (to me) shortcomings, it is an amazing bit of tech.
    There's no doubt that the Apple Watch is outperforming their competitors on the whole. However, this report of 75% increase to the "wearables" category is arguably attributable almost entirely to the AirPods, IMO, which the AI article even alludes to this. MacRumors hilariously doesn't even mention the most successful Apple product of this past year. But very clever of Cook to emphasize the Watch, allowing us to infer it was responsible for the jump.
    The airpods are 1//3 the ASP of the watch, so the 75% can't be mostly coming from the airpods alone, the watch sales have picked up substantially this year.
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