iPhone X impresses Windows executive, Android fans but bitter bloggers still hating



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    To paraphrase Ronald Reagan, "the trouble with our tech bloggers is not that they're ignorant; it's just that they know so much that isn't so."
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    GeorgeBMacGeorgeBMac Posts: 11,421member
    Soli said:

    cato1040 said:
    Two points:

    First, the Apple hater writers don't get paid to be right, they get paid to get hits.  So, from their perspective, being correct is irrelevant.

    Second, now that we have arrived in the era of alternative facts, there isn't much of a need for objective truth, nor a way for people who are talking past each other to find out what the truth is.

    Objective truths:
    -Many real iPhone users (not all, but many)  struggle with FaceID. Apple probably could have put touchID on the back but didn't
    -There is a camera bump
    -iPhones have never been known for fantastic battery life. At best, it's been good. Some Android phones have actual two day + battery life with average usage
    -the iPhone X has been called by many sites like CNET (not blogs and not Android biased ones) to be the most breakable iPhone ever 
    -the iPhone X stops working in the cold sometimes 
    -some iPhone Xs are getting the green line of death 
    -its screen is less bright than the top of the line Samsung phones'
    -it's expensive 
    -iPhone X users have complained about how multitasking is slower without a home button
    -there is no headphone jack
    -Samsung put a button beneath their screen, something Apple probably could have done
    -iOS gives the user less control over their phone's interface 
    -the iPhone X actually has a slightly lower screen to body ratio compared to the top of the line Samsung phones who'd don't have a notch or as rounded corners (which take away from screen real estate in videos) 
    -it has no open use of NFC
    -it has no back button (this isn't talked about as much, but this has been my complaint since the beginning. I don't want to look for a different way of going back in every app) 
    -they could have switched over to USB C but (here is the opinion section starting) they probably wanted to keep lightning because proprietary jacks lead to more money, and jacks and dongles seem to be a big part of Apple's business 

    -Some iPhone users only think it's great because they haven't seen how far behind they are compared to the best Android phones
    -It seems the author nitpicked a few complaints they could handle (though obviously couldn't) and ignored the ones they could not. There is a pretty clear iOS bias seen

    Did you want more facts or is this enough to show you that complaints are real and not just coming from Android diehards. I use Apple computers and tablets used because they last and I don't need the features their competitors offer (and if I do, I have Parallels) so I don't hate Apple. I'm not saying Android is objectively better for everyone (though for the money, I'd say it's best for most), but don't tell me that critics are all lying since 'the iPhone X is by far obviously the best phone in the world' is objectively not true for all. For a company that prides itself on being more glitch free, iPhone X has had a lot of them!

    To balance things out from my previous writing, I do appreciate Apple trying to catch up to what they've been missing, as them taking on wireless charging will make the world easier for us Android users who've had it for a while. I do also think that their phones have advantages to MacBook and iPad users (one of the main reasons I'd consider switching to iOS) though iCloud is prohibitively expensive and their port-less computers are causing me to consider switching away. As I'm writing this, I'm realizing that even this paragraph is backhanded, but my origin intent sincerely was not to be like this. Apple did a fantastic job when they introduced the iPhone. It was pretty objectively the best phone at the time. But they've started falling behind at the iPhone 4 and haven't seemed to be able to recover though most people enamoured by their marketing seem to miss this. 

    And no, I'm not a blogger who's paid for my writing. Just a middle class tech lover who wants the best for my money and whose opinion may differ from yours (and who may also want to open the eyes of some iSheep who don't know what they're missing out on.)
    That's a lot of lies for one post.
    The best way to lie is to tell part of the truth.   Just show one side of the coin.
    Listen to any political commentator and you will see it. 
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    SebbCee said:
    I was waiting for X but might go for 8 here are my 4 main concerns: 1. that no bezel makes it difficult to handle without touching screen [iPad 10.5 issue] 2. have heard problems about battery life despite it being bigger than the iPhone 8 3. is it really worth 20% more than an 8 when it is already redundant 4. wearing glasses I like touch ID and might not want to trade it for face recognition where you have to lift the phone in front of your face every time you switch on [biggest concern]
    I've had my iPhone X for about a week now. Wearing glasses was a worry for me too. However, I've had zero problems with FaceID wearing three very different pairs of glasses, including sunglasses - still unlocks flawlessly. The only time I get a 'lock wiggle' (does not instantly unlock - please try again) is if I glance sideways from an off angle then I sometimes have to look at the phone a bit straighter-on to get it to unlock. No biggie...

    Today I put a nice spigen "Rugged Crystal" cover on it, and can say that my background anxiety about accidentally dropping the phone greatly reduced!
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    paisleydisco said:

    Face ID works just fine and as fast. As the iPhone comes into view with my face I'm already swiping half way up. I do see your point that Touch ID can unlock the phone in your pocket. However my face is not in my pocket (lol) since I'm already in with Face ID when needed I think it doesn't matter. 

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    To borrow from a famous past president, Ronald Reagn, “It isn't so much that tech bloggers like Diaz are ignorant. It's just that they know so many things that aren't so.”
    dick applebaum
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    it's amusing to read an article accusing another author of childishness and poor writing that is itself so childish and poorly written.

    Your critique, much of which is factually justified, would be far more credible if your tone was more balanced. 
    muthuk_vanalingamsingularityavon b7
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    RedPandaSlothRedPandaSloth Posts: 6unconfirmed, member
    lkrupp said:
    Is there anything easier than writing a editorial for this site? It’s like Donald Trump at a campaign rally throwing red meat to his base. He knows what to give them and they eat it up every time.
    If you want reasoned, objective discussions then head on over to an Android fan site. Oh wait...
    Or, you know, a phone site that's not openly biased one way or the other. I guess fan sites have their place, but they're very hard to take seriously.
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    ktappe said:
    This may be a bit unpopular, but I need to say Diaz has some points. When he says "battery life that lasts for more than a few hours of usage, materials that are truly durable" both are on target. iPhone X's front & back glass is apparently easily damaged by dropping it, and it costs and arm and a leg to get such damage repaired. X also doesn't have any better battery life (unless you play color inversion tricks as AI disclosed) than previous models.

    We should not fall over ourselves to claim a critic has no points just because he's shown bias in the past. Yes, he (for some reason) has many axes to grind, but ignore his critiques at your own peril, Apple. The rest of us want durable, long-lasting iPhones too.
    I have been using it since launch date and to be honest the one pleasant surprise is that my battery life is much much better than my seven. I have been using exactly the same way in the same locations if not more often. 
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    Would it have killed Apple to 

    a) update the older models to LTE Band 66 like they did with LTE Band 12 a few years ago?

    b) provide at least an option that doesn't break easily, such as a rugged version, a plastic or bamboo back, or ..... horrors ..... retaining the aluminum and ditching the wireless charging?

    c) Stop the crippling of USB connectivity via Bluetooth or cabling?

    These objections apart, they have a great product, with overall better software and hardware and even the long-time weak spot, reception, getting up to general industry standards at this point. Trouble is, these objections prevent me from buying it.

    And with Android generating its own share of nonsense at the flagship phone level, it means I probably have to go with Android burner phones that you replace every year or two for the time being and that have subpar photo support. A waste--but at least it will connect to stuff and at least it's cheap enough to replace so that it doesn't matter so much if it breaks.

    I just have to go on trudging through the messy device sync you get when running an Android device in an otherwise all-Apple setup.
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