Google's upcoming 'Fuchsia' OS to support Apple's Swift language



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    netrox said:
    Honestly, after been studying and programming a bit in Swift, Apple still needs a better framework. It's still too complicated. The syntax is cleaner compared to Obj C++ but there is a lot of gotcha's to make an app work. It is still too verbose. 

    Why Apple still have not created a framework that use XHTML, JS, and CSS (like PhoneGap and Titanium) is a mystery. It would offer more stability, better protection, better compatibilty for the future and the past as well, and having the CSS would allow the apps to easily scale to resolutions without having to deal with bizarre constraints in Swift/Obj C++. In fact, I suspect if Apple just use pure XHTML, CSS, and JS, it would be a lot more efficient and more stable.  Programming with Swift is hard... if you code that is missing out something important but it seems to compile fine and you run it, it literally crash hard. It takes only one simple error to make it go all wrong. It's no wonder that apps keep getting updates. 
    As noted this is pretty bogus. Swift is compiled, html, javascript and css are not. Compiled is better for running on device. html is a document markup language. 

    As for exceptions, they happen. the compiler cannot and will not catch all bugs, just syntax. That’s normal. 
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    Rayz2016Rayz2016 Posts: 4,717member
    gatorguy said:
    Rayz2016 said:

    cali said:
    cali said:
    Wtf is this?
    Fuchsia Isn’t even in alpha stage.

     I watched a video on YouTube, and it’s not something anyone should bother looking into (at this point).

    gatorguy said:

    More iKnockoff garbage. I was hoping it was something new. 
    Well, here’s something they didn’t copy from Apple:

    the notion that they have a right to your data, even when you’ve asked them not to record it. 
    Well gosh, you finally noticed I mentioned that yesterday. 
    What can I say? I don’t read half the stuff you post. 😱
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    Spaghetti, meet Wall.
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