Microsoft releases Edge browser for iPhone with roaming password, dark theme additions



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    danvmdanvm Posts: 1,409member
    sergioz said:
    Apple would never do that or should I say alow. Its all about the experience. Apple can't be responsible for Googles or Microsoft browsers. Use it at your own risk.

    Now Apple just needs to implement a way to change the default browser from Safari... It's annoying that in 2017, there's no way to change the default apps in iOS... especially when Android has more-less always had this feature... Apps can have their own protocol to launch them, but there isn't really a way to override the default http, https, and mailto handlers...

    My work phone is Android and, while I generally don't like much about the platform, this is one of those features fandroids always throw in our faces: "How can you use a platform where you can't change the default apps?" I'm personally fine with Safari as my browser, but I really wish I could redirect all mapping to either Google Maps or Waze.
    The experience Apple gives in Maps, Mail and Siri are miles behind on what Google and MS.  It would be a far better experience if Google Maps and Assistant were the default applications.  Same as MS Outlook compared to iOS Mail.  You are wrong if you think that Apple is the only one that can give you the best experience in an iPhone.  
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    appexappex Posts: 687member
    Competition is good. Microsoft should release Edge for Mac.
    edited November 2017
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    macxpress said:
    I surely hope its better than POS Edge browser that's included with Windows 10. I don't know why anyone would want to use such an abomination of a browser. I honestly think Safari is better than most browsers out there for iOS. Apple puts a lot of work into their browser. 
    Edge is frankly terrible.  i bought my first windows computer in a decade last week.  Edge frequently freezes, fails at importing bookmarks.  I can't use it.

    Shame because it has some impressive benchmarks.  Also a shame because there are some old asp sites I have to use that only work with IE, so I find myself using that old thing for those limited purposes.
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    And yet it isn't optimised for iPhone X....  :/
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    And yet it isn't optimised for iPhone X....  :/
    boltsfan17 said:
    I just tried it out for the heck of it. It was instantly deleted. Pretty silly to release a new app that doesn't support the iPhone X display.
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    I agree with some of the posters here. I don't even use Edge on Windows 10. I use IE11 predominantly at work since that is the browser our software should support.

    I had to download another browser for my 1Password browser add-on at work so I downloaded Opera. I really don't want to use Chrome.

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    Horror! It sounds as if soon, we will return to the times when it was necessary to develop code for each browser separately. I managed to forget what is IE and there it is ..
    (web developer speaking)
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    flydogflydog Posts: 1,124member
    lkrupp said:
    Unless things have changed I thought Apple insists that any third party browser MUST use WebKit as its engine.
    Where in the article does it state that it doesn't?
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