Apple's HomePod isn't about Siri, but rather the future of home audio



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    I almost died laughing when I read the headline and report.

    Apple hasn't a clue about high quality audio reproduction. It's akin to a pleb believing they are of Royal blood. Digital audio to analogue output is a specialised science; a mix of acoustics & physics. Pinnacles of the science were Quad, Pink Triangle and SME, to name a few of the best manufacturers in their field. Each had physicists and mathematicians heading up R&D. From the late 1980's through the 1990's the conceit of subjective "musicality" has gradually pulled audio technology to new lows of data reduction and colouration. The iTunes store doesn't even offer consumers the industries highest data rates when downloading populist "tunes".

    Apple had a good product in the Classic iPod, one which would allow AIFF (high fidelity) data storage and replay. Nothing made and sold by Apple under the banner of audio has ever since achieved audiophile levels of performance. Nor are they ever likely to unless they build a dedicated team of scientifically objective audio equipment designers. They could make a start by allowing everything available on iTunes downloadable in the best open (non-proprietary) audio industry benchmark format.
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