Apple might use metal case for 6.1-inch LCD iPhone in 2018, report says



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    whatif apple surprises and this 6.1” model turns out to be an ipod?
    It's more likely to be an iPad Mini Mini than a huge iPod ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    You’d probably love the size of the X
    It’s barely larger than the 4.7” regular iPhone, so yeah, it’s okay. Anything bigger isn’t much usable.

    Surprisingly true...

    Here's my 6s vs the X (6s with leather apple case, the X has the silicone Apple case)

    Maybe it (the X) is just the first OLED iPhone, but with the talk of an even larger version... I'm a bit surprised, or maybe expecting the current 8plus chassis width & 'regular' 8 width to be the basis for the next generation... take those body widths, expand the screen slightly to be (almost) bezel free and get a bit bigger screen while still having a noticeably smaller overall phone once you've chopped off the chin & forehead.

    Then do the same to the SE chassis width so maybe get a 4.1" diagonal screen (?) and have 3 faceID phone sizes (plus the cheaper SE touchID phone still).

    I have history with small phones... my old 'dumb' phone :- 

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    SUNNY3061990SUNNY3061990 Posts: 48unconfirmed, member
    I’m looking forward to 6.5 Plus iPhone X. the current one fits more in regular version.
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