Which iMac Pro configuration is right for you?



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    mknelson said:
    Jeff_Rey said:
    Memory cannot be updgraded. So buy what you need.
    The RAM looks slotted in the pictures on Apple so it should be upgradable, but like on the 2017 and the pre-2015 slim 21.5" iMacs the RAM slots are on the back of the logic board so an upgrade requires you to remove the display and the logic board.

    The heat pipes and other design features would probably make that beyond the average user.

    iFixit teardown will explain all!
    The RAM is in actual RAM slots (full sized slots, not SODIMMs), but there is no access panel to get to the slots like there is on the regular 27" iMac. I would assume this is because of how Apple had to design the specialized cooling system for the iMac Pro. On a regular 27" iMac, the access door is just behind the stand in the very center of the iMac. On an iMac Pro, that is exactly where the primary heatsink is so there's obviously no place for RAM there. 

    So in theory, yes you could change the RAM in the iMac Pro, but you'll have to access it from the front toward the back, dropping the screen after unsealing it (requires a special kit) which will also require a reseal kit, and maybe even removing the Main Logic Board (MLB) so you can access the correct side of it to see the RAM slots. Not an easy task by any means. 
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    It’s taken a while for me to figure out if the title of this piece is tongue in cheek, sarcastic, or what? Still not sure. If it’s a spoof, most commentators have missed it (except the guy’s hilarious post re: following his wife’s prudent suggestions on whether to buy or not buy). 

    At a $7,399 starting price this should not be an article on how “you” can determine the best configuration. It should be on tips to refinance your mortgage to purchase the new iMac Pro. Seriously? I get this machine is almost exclusively intended for graphics professionals whether video or design oriented but who is the “you”? And one commentator’s main concern is the actual configuration of SIMMs. Really?

    And as of today, still no announcement of an upgrade or next version of the Mac Mini. Tim Cook says it is in Apple’s future. Does he mean like 10 year future? 20 years? Just wondering?
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