First look: Diminutive Dride Zero dash cam aims at Apple-esque setup and use



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    vmarksvmarks Posts: 701editor
    zimmie said:

    Doesn't matter. It is illegal to mount it on the windshield itself ..
    Couldn't you just stick it on the back of the mirror. You can get dash cams that are integrated in a mirror that goes over the existing one.

    Problem solved!?

    And they should make an external button, that you can stick somewhere, like the Flic, instead of having to reach behind the mirror. But they could probably enable that functionality in the app pretty easily.

    You don't reach behind the mirror to press a button. The button is on the side facing the driver, opposite end from the camera, opposite side from the camera. It's got the cloud icon on it.

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    vmarks said:
    TomSawyer said:
    Nobody brought a ruler or a common item like an Apple product to provide scale to the repeated claims of incredible smallness?
    Sorry, I couldn't put my iPhone 6 next to it while I was taking pictures with my iPhone 6.
    Clearly, we need an App that allows an iPhone to be in two places at once! Equally clearly, the company to deliver this will be based on Gallifrey. BTW, 8th paragraph: "It was easy to pair our iPhone 6 with the camera by joining it's Wi-Fi network." Please remove the apostrophe from "it's".
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