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Recently my iPad 4 had been giving the impression that my charger cord might have a short. I'd plug it in and it would say 'not charging.' But then a number of hours later the battery showed an increase in charge. After some round robin testing with other devices and charger cords the problem seemed to be coming from the ipad.

The charging port was clean with no obvious obstructions. Thought about cleaning the contacts w/ electronics cleaner on a q-tip but ended up not doing it.

Since then it's stopped charging altogether, and the battery seems to have run out.

Now, when it's initially plugged in it shows the battery symbol w/ a red line at the bottom. That line has blinked in the past, but for the most part I think it's been staying solid. I'm guessing the blinking indicates active charging. At times plugging it in will prompt it to show the 'insert cord' symbol at the charging port, other times not. In the middle of being hooked up for a few hours the screen turns on w/ the apple symbol as if it's turning on, but then nothing happens.

Anybody know of what's going on here? I can probably order a kit and pry the thing open if that would help in the investigation. I'd much rather fix this myself if at all possible.


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    Mike WuertheleMike Wuerthele Posts: 6,869administrator
    "charging port was clean"

    What method of inspection? Did you get on in there with a toothpick or something, or do a visual check? I also assume you've tried a known-good cable?
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