Netgear adding HomeKit support to Arlo Baby camera in early 2018

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Netgear will be updating its Arlo Baby Smart HD Monitoring Camera later this quarter to include support for HomeKit, an update that will allow for the live video feed to be viewable from within the Home app on an iPhone or iPad, as well as a request to Siri.

The inclusion of HomeKit to the Arlo Baby adds the camera to the list of devices within the Home app, with a live feed available directly via the app. Both video and audio from the camera are provided, with a two-way audio system allowing parents to speak or make noises at their baby or child, and see any reactions.

Offering a clear 1080p resolution, the feed can be displayed on a fourth-generation Apple TV for viewing on a larger screen. It is also possible, through the Home app, to quickly view the most recent screenshot recorded by the Arlo Baby when the camera was last activated, providing a glance at activities that may be important to a concerned parent.

The video feed can also be viewed by making a vocal request to Siri, quickly bringing up the live view without manually accessing the Home app.

The Arlo Baby also includes night-vision capabilities, air sensors to monitor temperature and humidity, motion alerts, a multi-colored night light, and a music player with built-in lullabies. The built-in battery allows the camera to be repositioned in the home, while its cloud storage service provides a free seven-day archive of motion- and audio-triggered recordings.

Currently available with optional animal costumes, the Arlo Baby Smart HD Monitoring Camera is on sale for $249.99.


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    AppleZuluAppleZulu Posts: 1,851member
    What about the rest of the Arlo camera line? Seems like the rest of the cameras are basically the same tech, just without the freaky cyclops bunny design.
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    macguimacgui Posts: 2,336member
    I'll take my chances with some devices, but cameras and door locks need particularly good WiFi security.

    Any link in the network access chain needs good security, and most WiFi accessories seem to be lacking. 

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