Satechi preps Dual Charging Station for iPhone & Apple Watch

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Accessory maker Satechi on Tuesday previewed the Dual Charging Station, a USB-C-powered dock designed to charge an iPhone and Apple Watch simultaneously.

To minimize clutter, the Lightning charging cables for each device are wrapped around spindles that sit hidden within the dock. While half of the station is meant exclusively for the Apple Watch, the iPhone portion can also be used to charge accessories like an Apple Pencil or the Apple TV's Siri Remote.

The dock supplies 15 watts of power in total, and comes in silver or space gray versions, both made of brushed aluminum.

Satechi plans to release the Dual Charging Station this spring for $64.99.


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    mavemufcmavemufc Posts: 326member
    That looks awful..
    edited January 2018 wlym
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    Might be one of the first images where I’ve seen an iPhone X being charged with the Lightning port rather than inferring wireless charging. Still, it’s a nice stand for those with both an iPhone and an Apple Watch. I’d be interested in seeing this in person...
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    napmannapman Posts: 24member
    How can it charge the Apple Pencil? Doesn't it have a male Lighting connector?
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    fastasleepfastasleep Posts: 5,203member
    That is hella fugly. 
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    StrangeDaysStrangeDays Posts: 11,052member
    napman said:
    How can it charge the Apple Pencil? Doesn't it have a male Lighting connector?
    The Pencil actually ships with an adapter in the box, so you usually just charge it like any other device on a lightning cable. This despite cries from the haters complaining about having to stick it into the ipad. That’s how you can tell who is an ignorant hater and doesn’t actually have or use the products they’re complaining about. 😎
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    macguimacgui Posts: 1,983member
    It looks nice. If I had an X, I'd prefer an easel-type stand that does wireless charging. Less efficient but more convenient. It's a great stand for any other phone and watch, though.
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    I’ll wait for Apples wireless 
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