Scosche intros new iPhone-compatible MagicMount Charge & Elite lines

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Accessory maker Scosche announced a series of car mounts this week, including the MagicMount Pro Charge line, supporting Qi wireless charging on the iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and X.

The Charge products come in Vent, CD, Surface, and Window/Dash versions, depending on what part of a vehicle people want to attach to. Each supports 5- and 10-watt charging, though it's not certain if they can handle the 7.5-watt mode iPhones use in fast charging.

Regardless of the mount type, the products use magnetic technology, with a 360-degree adjustable cradle. Each package includes an AC adapter, a micro USB cable, and two MagicPlates with adhesive.

A related product, the Qi Dock Powerbank, can charge a phone and a portable battery simultaneously.

Also unveiled this week was the MagicMount Elite line, without Qi charging but using more visually appealing metal construction.

All of the new Scosche accessories will ship sometime in the spring, when pricing should be available as well.


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    I'm interested to see how these work with the wireless charging... the current magic mounts require a metal plate stuck to the back of the phone... it works great... i LOVED it on my older phones... but that plate prevents wireless charging from working on the iPhoneX (and, presumably, the 8's).

    (I've gone with a very small metal plate... about the size of a nickel.. mounted at the extreme bottom edge of the iPhoneX... it's small enough and far enough away from the induction coil that Qi chargers now work, but not as stable when on the Scoshe magic mounts... the phone has much more leverage to dislodge itself when bouncing down the road.)
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    I love the top picture in the article.  That's exactly where I want my iPhone mounted--dead center in my field of vision directly above steering wheel at eye height.  What could go wrong?
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