Apple shines 'A New Light' on iPhone X's Portrait Lighting in fresh spot

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"Studio-quality portraits without the studio," Apple again promises in a new camera-focused iPhone X ad pushed to YouTube on Friday.

The 30-second ad plugs the iPhone X's "radically new" cameras and the accompanying Portrait Lighting feature. Portait Lighting's ability to utilize depth information from the handset's cameras to dynamically adjust and simulate different lighting conditions is ably demonstrated by a diverse group of young people.

As has become Apple's custom, the spot is backed by an upbeat track from a rising artist - in this case NVDES & REMMI's D.Y.T. (Do Your Thing).

The launch of Apple's future-focused new iPhone X has been accompanied by an avalanche of advertising. Face ID, Animoji, and Portrait Lighting have variously been featured.

While there's no word yet on how well the iPhone X is selling on the back of this ad blitz - a first glimpse of sales figures is expected in February - the company does appear to have mostly caught up with demand. A post-Christmas survey of Apple retail outlets in the U.S. found the iPhone X in stock at 97% of locations.


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    Is the video actually available? (I'm surfing from Japan)
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    bonobobbonobob Posts: 133member
    ikevin8me said:
    Is the video actually available? (I'm surfing from Japan)
    Not in the USA.
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    freerangefreerange Posts: 1,584member
    The hotlink in the article takes you to the video  - the link is at “The 30second ad”
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    Video is mot available.
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    AppleInsider needs to link this link for the video:

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    jony0jony0 Posts: 268member
    They really need new ads if they're going to pursue their current flooding of the same Face ID ad for some time now. It could simply indicate that they have the cash for such a campaign, but I tend to think it conveys that it is selling under their expectations. And I don't even watch live TV anymore, only PVR playback and ad skipping, but I do land a lot on this same ad while hopping. Admittedly I'm not a big fan of that particular ad either after a few dozen views, neither audio nor video for that matter.
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