Tim Cook says hardware, software integration puts HomePod ahead of competition



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    The mics and be muted if you choose. I'd trust Apple any day over Google or Amazon. They profit on your information...Apple doesn't. I wouldn't touch anything Google with a 100ft pole. 
    ...an just a niggling point: Apple does "profit on your information" tho clearly not anywhere near as dependent on it or to the extent that Google does. Apple at this point is just dipping their toes in that water so to speak.

    So different businesses, but neither will sell your information even if they may monetize it. It's safe with either of them.
    There's that famous line again...

    The difference between "selling someone's personal information" and "selling access to someone based on their personal information" is a very fine line.  Constantly banging that drum over and over, trying to make it seem like google's business model isn't selling their users is insincere.

    Apple does indeed do a tiny bit of this, grocery stores etc. likely do more than apple, and google/facebook live and die purely by selling their users.  To the tune of $800B and $500B.
    Hardly a very fine line at all. Your personal info entrusted to Apple and your personal info entrusted to Google are safe-guarded in much the same way, and only shared with outside parties under the same very limited use cases. Simply read the two privacy policies to verify. An advertiser has zero access to you, much less your personal information. The only one with access is Google. So unless you're also dinging Apple for possessing personal information... well are you? 
    That's sad, you normally read with much better comprehension.  Did you not see that the bulk of my questions and comments in this thread are about what kind of functionality HomePod might have without any connection to Apple?  I'm not hypocritical, I'm uninterested in giving anyone, even Apple, an internet-connected microphone inside my home.  Even if you trust the companies to not do bad things on purpose, they are ripe for hacking, plans/management changes over time, legal (possibly gagged) orders that don't require warrants, there are all kinds of reasons to not have this data gathered by third parties.  The only plus is that it's yet another gadget that might possibly save someone a few seconds once in a while.  Yawn.

    Your statement "an advertiser has zero access to you" is completely false.  It's so wrong that it's absurd you even said it, and I'm pretty sure you typed it without thinking.  That's what the entire business model of google/fb/et al is -- giving their customers (advertisers) access to you.  They (presumably, with at least some companies) don't get direct access to your personal data, but the purpose of that data is clearly to filter out who the advertisers get access to, so they can be shown ads.  Click on the ad, bingo.

    The thing is, this is small nitpicking semantics crap; for the real meat of what's wrong with this business model, read this article:
    It's kind of long, so make sure you've got a little time to read and digest.  Thankfully more people are listening now, with people like McNamee and Harris out on the "education circuit".

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