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Apple appears to be launching a trial of a iPhone replacement reservation program in Canada, with the app taking names for particular models, and promising to alert users when the battery is available locally.

The program appears to be handled specifically though the Apple Support app. Users wanting to replace their battery select Get Support, select the phone in question, choose battery, power, charging as a service desired, then they are presented the option to Reserve a Battery

At present, the functionality isn't available on the U.S. version of the app. While untestable at the moment given the mostly backordered status of sought-after batteries, AppleInsider was informed that once the reservation is processed and a battery is available at a local store, the user is informed that the replacement battery will be on hold for seven days before it is released into general stock and the reservation is cancelled.

it is unclear at present how long any given battery will be back-ordered. While reports indicate that the iPhone 6 battery stock is low, spot-checks by AppleInsider at some U.S. and Canada locations suggest that there is limited stock still remaining, not necessitating any wait beyond what is needed to make an appointment at a Genius Bar in the first place.


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    Also via the web  -
    select the repair -> battery replacement - then there's an option for "reserve a battery".
    You will be prompted for your phones IMEI/MEID and you will be notified when the battery is in stock and to come in for the replacement. 

    This will save the hassle of coming in, diagnosing, and finding that there's no battery in stock, and to have to come back later. So this eliminates an extra visit/time. 

    My own experience (before this was available) was 3 trips - 1 for diagnose, place an order for iPhone 6 battery due to out of stock, return a second several days later to drop off phone for repair, then next day to pickup (as I didn't want to wait the 4 hour turnaround) 
    This should eliminate the first trip, saving my time (and Apple employee support time),

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    It’s showing here in Ireland, too.

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