AppleCare+ Mac warranties come to Australia & New Zealand

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Mac buyers down under can now opt into AppleCare+ plans, which offer up to three years of warranty coverage, including cheaper rates for two incidents of accidental damage.

In Australia, plans range in price from A$119 for a Mac mini through to A$449 for a 15-inch MacBook Pro. For accident repairs, fees are A$149 for displays and external enclosures, and A$429 for anything else.

New Zealand rates scale from NZ$149 for a Mini up to NZ$539 for a 15-inch MacBook Pro. Equivalent accident fees are NZ$169 and NZ$499.

AppleCare+ is normally added at the same time a person buys a Mac, but shoppers also have a 60-day grace period dependent on their computer passing diagnostics.

Until now, AppleCare+ for Mac was only available in the U.S. and Japan. It's not clear why Apple has been relatively slow to expand, given wider international availability for iPhone plans.


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    How long has AppleCare+ been a thing for Macs? I’ve only seen standard AppleCare in the US. So it now covers accidental damage with a fee?
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    3 years was always what AppleCare used to be, til Apple cut the guts out it. Glad it's back, with the insurance add-on. 

    Now time to stop treating New Zealand as a far flung outer province of Australia, get an Apple Store going, and pay some tax where the money's earned instead of writing fat invoices from Sydney.
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