EU to scrutinize Apple's Shazam takeover on competition concerns from member states



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    avon b7 said:
    You can't possibly know.
    If I have a company that sells soap and I buy a company that sells pizzas, that’s not monopolistic behavior.
    If I have a company that sells calzones and pasta and I buy a company that sells pizzas, that’s not monopolistic behavior.
    To gauge the impact on competition.

    Of course it will negatively impact the competition. Why the fuck would a company do anything if not to give it a better position against its competition? So what, it’s inherently monopolistic then? If not inherently, they can’t have any objection whatsoever, otherwise every company must be banned from buying any other company.

    It's not about soap and pizzas. It's about music and music. 

    It's not about monopolistic behaviour. It's about possibly skewing the playing field unfairly in favour of one player, and not in the EU as a whole but one member state.

    The amounts involved in the deal didn't even reach the volume levels to require EU notification of the deal so 'monopoly' or 'monopolistic' clearly aren't factors here.

    In opening and announcing this process, the EU said this:

    "On the basis of the elements submitted by Austria and the countries joining the referral request, and without prejudice to the outcome of its full investigation, the Commission considers that the transaction may have a significant adverse effect on competition in the European Economic Area"

    It's clear you haven't read the document that is linked to in the article.

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