Get $15 off a 1-800-Flowers order when using Apple Pay

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Apple continued its semi-weekly Apple Pay promotional campaign on Wednesday with a new offer that grants users a $15 discount on select 1-800-Flowers orders, just in time for Valentine's Day.

Apple sent out emails to Apple Pay users advertising the 1-800-Flowers promotion, noting customers can get $15 off when shopping the company's special Gift Collection.

Customers can access the discount by visiting the special Apple Pay page via the 1-800-Flowers app or through Feb. 15. As with previous offers, users must check out with Apple Pay in order to be eligible for the incentive pricing.

Today's offer is the latest in an ongoing Apple Pay campaign that in past weeks included specials from car parking service SpotHero, Instacart, sneaker buying service GOAT and Dunkin' Donuts.

Apple launched the semi-weekly promotions late last year, initially offering a $5 iTunes gift card to shoppers using Apple Pay at certain online merchants including JCPenney, Macy's and Warby Parker.


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    sirlance99sirlance99 Posts: 1,283member
    This is no big deal. Everyone has a $15 off with flowers. Not hard to find or use. It’s the same $15 off they’ve had forever in various ways. 
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    Hmm...wonder if it’s stackable with the $15 off coupon offered via T-Mobile Tuesday’s app
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    StrangeDaysStrangeDays Posts: 12,323member
    1800 Flowers is a rip-off IMO. Have tried to use it but halted because you can get a lot more flower just by calling a local florist wherever the recipient is and going direct. 
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    cbppcbpp Posts: 8member
    I learned a 'gotcha' recently regarding using ApplePay on a computer. I ordered an expensive item from B&H deliberately because they don't charge sales tax for out of state delivery. The option to pay using ApplePay came up and I took it (I really like using ApplePay on the computer for payment). When I did, the price changed and sales tax was added. When I backed out and switched to credit card payment, the sales tax charge went away.

    Something to be aware of - I haven't seen any articles mentioning this in the tech press.
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